October 25, 2011

San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park

San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park. 8"x 8". oil on linen. Oct 22. 2011

The weather has been nicely in San Francisco lately. Last Saturday I went to the beach near by San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park. I actually don't know what the beach's name is. It's usually filled with people. I knew for me it was better not to paint those people at the first attack of the scene I'm not familiar with, especially when painting in a limit time. After finish this painting, I was a little surprise that it turned out alright and I kind of like the composition.

October 22, 2011

Washington Square, San Francisco

Washington Square, San Francisco, 9x7, oil on canvas. Oct 17, 2011.

I have been wanting to paint this scene since the first day I took the school shuttle and passed this park about one and half year ago. I decided it was finally time to paint this scene early this week. Those trees were really beautiful. I stood in front those tall trees and was unsure about how to capture the moment. I had less than an hour to paint the light on the trees before sunset. It was really a challenge and I think I learned something from this experience. I really had a lot of fun and I'm thinking about going back to paint it again.